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Movement to music, easy moves to popular tunes. Suitable for anyone to join as the class allows you to work at your own pace and within your own limits.
The exercises are enjoyable, a lot of fun, and are never strenuous. Includes a relaxation session at the end of the class (no floor exercises).
Anyone can join in straight away.

Tai Chi  

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Ancient Chinese health art consisting of a series of soft flowing movements, beautiful to watch, satisfying to perform.
Chinese Physical Culture also includes the art of Dao - Yin - cultivating deep relaxing breathing, and the art of K'ai Men - gentle toning and stretching.
Each class has beginners groups that allow you to learn the moves at your own pace.

Line Dancing

Simple dance routines to mostly country music, all without a partner.
Excellent for leg strength, and keeping the joints supple and mobile.
It's good for balance too, and that's really important as you get older.
There are specific classes for beginners, as well as improver classes for people who have been coming longer.
Naturally, a teacher is present at all our classes.

Sequence Dancing

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Very popular dance classes.
Simple ballroom steps repeated in a set sequence as you all move round the room.
Absolute beginners class for people with two left feet, social dance for people with one of each.
Our classes consist of dancing with some instruction.

Is aerobics to swinging Latin American music.
All the different Latin American dance styles, Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Cuba, Calypso, Reggaeton and Hiphop, encourage you to move your body.
And although you're doing a serious workout that's not the way it feels.

Art Group

Informal art group that meets once a week to paint together.

Craft Class  

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Social class that practices card making, bead and jewellery work, and other crafts.
Very informal, tuition there if needed.